Rotary hearth forging furnace

Purpose Reheating for forging and forming
Product treated
Round/square billets, rings of various lengths and diameters
Furnace chamber inside dimensions Diameter = 6.500 ÷ 11.000 mm
Height = 1.500 ÷ 3.000 mm
12.000 kg (max.)
Natural gas
Maximum temperature
1.280 °C
Burner type
Ultra-low NOx regenerative flameless, with “FGR” flue gas recirculation system and staged combustion
Installed power
Range 3,600 to 6,000 kW
Industries served
Aviation, Oil & Gas, Power, Automotive, Nuclear

The rotary furnace hearth is driven by an electric gearmotor. The pinion meshes with a circular rack that has been cast to form an integral part of the hearth. The weight of the hearth and charge material is supported by one or more series of bevel gears fastened to the foundation. A large rolling bearing is responsible for centring the hearth. Movement is controlled by means of an absolute encoder that ensures sufficient indexing precision for the automatic loading and unloading systems.

The combustion system is based on the use of ultra-low NOx regenerative burners with high thermal efficiency.
Burners feature a regenerator, pilot burner, control/shutoff valves and reversing valves for switching between combustion and exhaust mode.
Continuous control of the fan tasked with fume extraction keeps pressure constant inside the furnace.

Rotary furnaces are managed via supervisory software designed to be able to communicate both with the company supervisory system and with the robotic loading/unloading system, if any, in order to automate material tracking and production flow.